Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS)

A SSAS is a company sponsored pension scheme and has all the same tax efficiencies as a SIPP or personal pension, however it also has the additional benefit of being able to loan monies back to your business.  So if raising funding from other sources is proving difficult this route can offer a solution that you are fully in control of.

There are pros and cons of a SSAS, as there is with a SIPP, and can prove to be a very useful option in the right circumstances.

A SSAS can invest in all the same types of assets as a SIPP, including commercial property, such as your own business premises.

A SSAS is different from a SIPP in that it is a group scheme, but this allows you to more easily pool your pension monies with your fellow directors to purchase more expensive assets, that may not otherwise be a viable option on your own.

Once you start getting 2-3 people wishing to buy an asset together a SSAS can often become a more cost effective solution than multiple SIPP as all the costs are shared in a SSAS whereas the SIPPs have certain costs that are paid per SIPP and not shared.

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